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Tubing and rafting on the Comal River in New Braunfels Texas and tubing on the Guadalupe River near Canyon lake Texas! Come check out our tubing map for locations, info, and prices, as well as all the locations to find that delicious drink you need for the complete tubing experience!
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Brought out by popular demand, we now let YOU, our users, talk about your favorite, or least favorite, places, and if you're a good writer, we'll post them up on our site for everyone to read! Click Here, to find out if you would like to submit your review!

Austin Drink Map: Bar and restaurant guide for the Austin metro area
Dallas Drink Map: Bar and restaurant guide for Dallas metro
Houston Drink Map: Bar and restaurant guide for Houston metro

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Chester's Ice House - Austin, TX

Texas Bar and Grill - Austin, TX

Black and Tan - Austin, TX

Krush Lounge and Grill - Austin, TX

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Laura Kightlinger:
I used to think drinking was the only way to be happy. Now I know there is no way to be happy.
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Even though a number of people have tried, no one has yet found a way to drink for a living.
Frank Sinatra
I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.
Henny Youngman
A drunk was in front of a judge. The judge says "You've been brought here for drinking." The drunk says "Okay, let's get started."
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About Texas Beer Maps...
About the Texas Beer Maps Crew
Texas Beer Maps is a free and easy to use drink directory right at your fingertips! We're the best Texas bar and restaurant guide on the net! Our goal is to provide you with the quickest, easiest, and fastest way to find a drink in the state of Texas! Think we're joking? Check out our drink map to find out, or check out all the other cool links on the site to find anything from Historic Dance Halls, to Biker Bars. From "How to Brew Your Own Beer" to Cabs and Limos. We even take pictures everywhere we go, so check out our Pictures Section to see if we've crossed paths with you! The Texas Beer Maps Community is here to welcome you!
About UsTBM Pics
The Famous Texas Drink Map...
Go to our famous drink map!
Here's our famous drink map. We have take every spot in the state of Texas that serves or sells alcohol, and put them on a convenient map for you to use. Check out our Drink Map, then click your area. Use the search bar and type in anything specific your looking for such as an address, or a location name, we do the rest. You choose the area you want to view, and that's it. It's the best bar, restaurant, convenient store, liquor store, and winery city guide you'll ever find! No clicking a hundred times to find a new location, and as long as you can type in your address and read a map, you should have no problems figuring out where everything is. Plus, you can get directions right on the page! It's as simple as that. We know we're awesome, you don't have to tell us...
Austin MetroDallas/Fort Worth MetroHouston MetroSan Antonio MetroMidland/Odessa MetroWaco/Killeen MetroView all 18 maps...
Texas Tubing Map!
Texas Tubing Map
Brought on by popular demand, Texas Beer Maps has created a map that includes all the places that texas is famous for during it's summer months. That's right! Tubing! We've taken as many tubing sites as we could find, and placed them on one interactive map for you to use, and we've even gone to the great links to show you all the places to find your tubing 'apparel' so to speak - You know what we're talking about! Beer, wine, coolers, smokes, bags, ice, and anything else you might need on your tubing trip! We've included the Guadalupe River and the Comal River at this time. If you've never tubed the Guadalupe or the Comal river, then you're in luck! We'll show you all the great places to start your trip! Drink up, be safe, and Happy Tubing everyone!
Guadalupe River TubingComal River Tubing
Texas Events and Festivals
Texas Events, Music, and Festivals
Texas Beer Maps has gone and done it again! We went out and got the most comprehensive list of as many festivals and events in Texas as we could find! We've got music events, music festivals, food festivals, cultural events, builders events, Forest Expos, BBQ Cook Offs, Texas Heritage Events, Carnivals, Gun and Knife Shows, and pretty much anything else you can think of to do in this great state! If you're looking for something to do this year, here's the place to check it out!
Check out the Texas Beer Maps stuff!
View all the Texas Beer Maps stuff!
We've got Shirts, we've got koozies, we've got hats, we've got it all! Click Here to see all our great products.

Texas Beer Blog
Read all the Texas Beer Guys Blogs!
Read all about what the Texas Beer Guys and friends have to say, and remember, if you're a writer and want to participate, just shoot us an email by Clicking Here and we'll review your submission. Good luck!
Uncle Billy blogElection DayView all...
Texas Beer Maps Pics
Check out the pics from TBM's shenanigans
In case you didn't know, the Texas Beer Maps crew gets out and about quite a bit, and we take pictures of every place we go - We like to grab the staff, managers, and all the people that patron the places we like to check out, so check out our picture section, who knows! You might find yourself in one!
Tiniest Bar in TexasBilly's Brew and QPoodie's BirthdayView all...
How to Brew your own beer at home!
How to Brew your own beer at home!
So we here at Texas Beer Maps figured, hey, we're showing you where to find the brew, interviewing brewers, bartenders, talking about the brew, and drinking the brew ourselves, we might as well show you how to make your own at home! Check out the entire 'how to' section on how to brew your own, and if you have any pointers or awesome recipes you'd like to share, make sure to let us know! Also, as a special bonus, we wanted to feature a native Texas Brewer who has developed his own brew at home! You can find him at Rusty Cock His name is Rex Jones - so if you have any questions, this is the man to ask!
Step 1Step 2Step 3Recipes
Biker Friendly Bars
Biker Friends Bars
Brought to you by popular request, we've mapped out as many biker friendly bars as we could find, however, we need your help finding more! Let us know if you know of any others, and we'll throw them up on the map too! Keep riding Texas!
See the map that has all the historic dance halls in Texas
See the map that has all the historic dance halls in Texas
That's right, we've taken every single historic dance hall, bar, or restaurant in the state of Texas and we've put those on a map too! For those fun lovin, boot kickin, square dance lovin folk out there, this map is for you!
Taxi Cab and Limo Companies
Taxi Cab and Limo Companies
We've got good news for those of you trying to find a ride home after a long night of drinking it up, or if you're trying to start the night out right by hopping in a limo or party bus! We've taken as many limo and cab companies that we could find, and we've got them on an extensive list for you to use.
Texas Beer Maps Funnies
funny videos, clips, and games
While surfing the internet for new and exciting news, new places to go check out, restaurants to try, drinks to, well, drink - We've stumbled across some pretty funny stuff, so we decided to create a section to share with ya'll! Hope you enjoy, and remember, if you have any funny videos, clips, or games you'd like to submit, don't be shy!
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Reviews by, well, YOU!
Texas Beer Maps bar and restaurant reviews
Brought out by popular demand, we've now allowed our users to submit reviews, but beware, these aren't for the faint hearted! We've selected the most offensive, true to their word, downright offensive people we could find, and we let them post on our site. If they love you, they really love you, but if they hate you, boy, watch out! Don't say we've never given you anything funny to read! By the way, the views expressed here, are definitely not those held by the Texas Beer Maps Crew, so if you're mad about it, take it to heart and we'll send one of our guys out there to give you a second chance!

Click Here if you'd like to submit a review to us, and if you're good, we'll put it up on our site! Please watch spelling and grammar please, and do not submit a review in all CAPS.
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Texas Drink Map: Bar and restaurant guides for all of Texas

Cool Bars Spotlight
Thirsty Nickel Austin, 6th st - You won't wanna miss this!
Great place to check out this month! Awesome staff, and always a party! If you go in and check the place out, let em' know Texas Beer Maps sent ya!
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